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Mar 24, 2009

Citywide Neighborhood Watch Organization Meeting to be held March 31st.

Montpelier Police Department and the Bear Lake County Sheriff's office are working hard to protect your homes and property, but frankly, we need your help. We need your eyes and ears and voice to report what you see and hear. More than that, we need partners who will approach crime prevention in a proactive, community-oriented endeavor. Neighborhood Watch is the blueprint for such a partnership.

Neighborhood Watch is simply getting to know your neighbors and neighbors helping neighbors. Working together to make your neighborhood a better place to live will increase the livability in our area. Neighborhood Watch is crime prevention at its best. It's more than locks and hardware. It is citizens working in partnership with your police department. Community involvement and being aware of your surroundings are key elements for an effective Neighborhood Watch.

Today's Neighborhood Watch programs incorporate activities that not only address crime prevention issues, but also restore pride and unity to a neighborhood and prepare for emergencies.

It is not uncommon to see members of Neighborhood Watch groups participating in community activities that strive to improve the quality of life for residents.

A meeting to establish the framework of Neighborhood Watch in Bear Lake County will be held March 31st at 7:00 in the City Council Chambers. Your input and ideas are important to us. Anyone who is interested in Neighborhood Watch is welcome to attend. Your police and sheriff departments are asking for volunteers to help create a Neighborhood Watch advisory committee. The role of the committee will be to:

  • Establish the responsibilities of each Neighborhood Watch member.
  • Make a draft of specific issues that affect the community. (Defining your areas problems will help you come up with solutions.)
  • Establish a means of communication such as telephone numbers, e-mail, website, etc.
  • Recruit and train others interested crime prevention and Neighborhood Watch.

A Neighborhood Watch program is not a substitute for law enforcement. Do not take actions that will put you or others in danger. When you find a problem, call dispatch, at 945-2121 or 911 to report emergencies.

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