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Nov 18, 2009

The Montpelier Police Department announces its Victims Assistance Unit is providing a 24/7 Crisis Line

The City of Montpelier Police Department and its newly formed Victims Assistance Unit are pleased to announce that the citizens of Montpelier now have an additional resource available to victims of violent crime. The 24/7 Crisis Line is a dedicated cell phone line to be used to assist victims during a time of crisis. Throughout the country as well as here in Idaho these types of Crisis Lines have been instrumental in assisting victims at their most vulnerable moments. Be it a call to Law Enforcement during a traumatic event, a referral to resources or a word of comfort, a crisis line can get help to victims when they need it most. Anita Panko, the MPD Victims Assistance Unit Coordinator states, "this crisis line is the first thing we set up in opening the Unit. It gives our victims a direct link to law enforcement and victims’ assistance; we are excited to offer this type of service to the community."

The Crisis Line Phone Number is 208-840-0807

The MPD is now looking for volunteers for the [Victims Assistance] Unit including manning the Crisis Line. If you would be interested in being a volunteer, contact Anita Panko or Chief Greg Butler at City Hall 847-0824.